Install Unfinished & Exotic Wood

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

ER Hardwood Flooring will help you to create timelessly elegant, environmentally friendly unfinished flooring using all the latest techniques in the market. We have installed many unfinished hardwood flooring in the

What Makes Unfinished Floors Unique?

Unfinished hardwood flooring allows you to finish the floor however you like. Giving you the ability to choose the specific wood species, sand it to the desirable finish grade (hand-scraped, heavy-distressed or simple flat) and choose a stain from a huge selection of brands and colors – you can even mix stains to obtain a new color – and by that creating your own Special and Unique Hardwood Flooring.

Unfinished Flooring Recommendations

Unfinished Flooring requires advance installation because you are not only installing the hardwood flooring, but fully customizing the flooring itself to suite your tastes. Unfinished Wood Flooring requires much more time and effort to obtain a high quality finished product. We do not recommend unfinished flooring for individual homeowners as it may become overwhelming. When you purchase a Solid Unfinished Hardwood Floor, you have to use a sanding machine to smoothen the wood for the desired grade. Then you will have to stain the wood and seal the floor. This process is long and can become complicated, since you need a bit of expertise and know how on using sanders and sanding machines, staining the unfinished floor and sealing. You may even have to wait until the stain or sealer coats are dry which may take a couple days. You will also need to buy certain materials, such as sanding papers, wood stains, wood sealers and of course the very expensive sanding machines (there are locations where you can rent a sanding machine). All of these make the Prefinished Hardwood Floor a very cost-effective product, which save you the time, energy and labor of installing an Unfinished Wood Floor.

Advantages of unfinished hardwood flooring

  • Easier to match existing hardwood flooring or other interior elements
  • Custom color staining
  • Easier for installer to do customized elements, like inlays
  • Some plank widths and exotic wood species are available only as unfinished hardwood flooring

Exotic Wood Flooring

Cumaru, Red Oak, Bamboo, Bamboo, Brazilian Teak, Yellow Pine... which one should you choose? It's all wood! The reality is that each sort of hardwood has its own differentiating spirit, with a look and style that it adds to the room. Confounding the decision even further are all of the varied finishes possible for every wood, providing a marvelous variety in hardwood floors. The best thing about this is that with any design scheme you want your room to convey, no matter how ornate or uncomplicated the decor, the appropriate hardwood for you in the best finish can be found just for you.

Looking to refine a library, den or other polished, debonair room? The darker exotics can mold an attractive and graceful atmosphere that is concurrently cozy. The deep crimsons and swarthy browns of African Padauk or Tigerwood contributes a noble tone and a touch of true luxury, all but begging to be situated in any home with a full achievement display or aristocratic hearth.

To suit a hall, kitchen or more effervescent den, the merry and hearty domestics are a perfect selection. The shimmering flaxen and gorgeous tints of Yellow Pine and Hickory set up a comfortable, cheery space that brings to mind nostalgic recollections of family outings and wide fields of flowers on a summer afternoon.

Bamboo and cork, while not actually hardwoods, are fashionable alternatives, with their modish flair and longevity coupled with environmental sustainability. Bamboo, a renewable plant resource, adds an exotic natural flourish to a space. Cork, a material crafted by stripping bark from a living tree, may be manipulated to look like hardwood or finished to retain its own uncommon look.

All of these selections lend a differentiating quality to the overall appearance of any abode, and each and every one of them can be fashioned to fit your unique vision. ER Hardwood Flooring carries all of these products and more, including the resources to help you choose the hardwood floor that is suitable for you and your dream space.